Thursday, 9 December 2010

Aaaaaa..... tish ..........oooooooooooo

Some seasonal loveliness to warm us up whilst we rush around in the midst of Christmas hustle and bustle and pamper invalids of flu and countless other bugs and sneezes ........

Thank goodness for tissues wrapped up in bright, festive wrappings ....... surely they will help speed recovery .... poor Mabel has been in bed for almost a week with a horrendous flu-bug ......

But at least it makes time for making, wrapping and planning ......


  1. Oh,so sorry you're poorly over there.Wishing you all a speedy recovery,so you can enjoy the festivities.Love the robin! ;0)

  2. I've been in bed for 2 days with the most horrendous shivery cold and cough so I can compeltely empathise with your daughter. Sending her lots of get well wishes.
    Love the cheery robins.
    Lisa x

  3. Just catching up with you after a few days away. I hope those who are unwell in your house get better very soon.