Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Shall I, shan't I?

Shall I, shan't I partake - I have already enjoyed a late breakfast at Maison Blanc today ....

But then it has been a very busy day of, dare I say, Christmas shopping. I had meant to take lots of lovely photos of the gorgeousness that Winchester has to offer but I was on a roll ....... but this window of white was glorious .......

I was on so much of a roll that great success was achieved .......


  1. Oh yum...if you were me you would partake! No will power. ;-) Glad your shopping spree was successful.

  2. Hi Vic thanks for the comments on my blog. I am loving your new blog. I have just started knitting again so I know where to come if I need any tips xx

  3. Yummy! You'd have to hide it from me!