Monday, 25 July 2011

Weekend highs ........... and lows

Another weekend been and gone.  How did that happen!

A happy find outside a house in a nearby village - and all for £2 a bunch.
Beautiful companions on Joe Cocker walks ......
The best he could find when he got home was a sheep to play with!
Time for lots of pruning at last.
An exciting Sunday afternoon?
All set in beautiful surroundings.
Time for picnics before the performance.
And the usual British summer weather!
Sadly I must say that the acting did not live up to the anticipation!  What a shame.  But home early for tea and cake.
Weekends aren't complete without a binge of chocolate.
And a little knitting with a gorgeous new yarn.
And hooray - Mabel is home after her stay in Cornwall with friends, bringing with her a scrumptious pot of their own delicious honey.
And on into another week ................


  1. Awww look at Joe Cocker with his sheep! So cute.
    We were going to book tickets to see Treasure Island in fact about 5minutes ago aome was telling me how good it was. She is a bit of a lovey so I'm not surprised.
    Oh new yarn! What's the new project?

  2. The flowers look so pretty, sahme the show wasn't quite up to scratch, but a big slice of your cake must have compensated!
    Lisa x

  3. That is some week/weekend you've had!! Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers in pretty colours. Lucky you. Is Joe Cocker actually eating that sheep? :) He looks very pleased with himself I must say! Is there any cake left? It looks yummy.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  4. I've just been looking at and enjoying your photos of the Larmer Tree Festival, what an amazing event! I love the lamp shades in the tree, it looks like everyone goes to a huge effort and is very creative, what a treat to visit. You mentioned in your comment that you have sewn a Merchant and Mills pattern, so I was hoping to see it here on your blog, do you have any photos of it? I've got one of their patterns waiting in the wings, the Trapeze Dress. I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed making your Merchant and Mills pattern. Vanessa xxx

  5. I wish I liked honey, I really do.
    Lovely dog. Hope he enjoyed the sheep.
    Thanks for dropping by. xx