Monday, 7 March 2011

Stepping out.

What lovely weather yesterday.  So off deep into the Forest we went.  Amongst the tall trees and Redwoods.

Lucky Joe Cocker.  A new place to explore.  Lots of new smells.

Lots of lovely places to rest.

These trees were such good friends that they had literally joined together.

An old story says that mice are hiding in the cones.  Can you find a cone and work out why?

 We did ............... can you?


  1. What beautiful tree pictures. I had never heard of mice hiding in cones but think I can see why it was thought so

  2. New Forest? I love the huggable trees.

    Nina xxx

  3. Oh Vic, I feel awful... what did I say?! Of course I don't mind comments... in fact I love them!!! I have a strange sense of humour (something my husband comments on constantly) but I promise I was only pulling your leg. Please keep leaving me comments and please please be as familiar as you like, x
    P.S. Gorgeous photo's.

  4. This weekend's weather was perfect for walks wasn't it. Like the story about the pinecones.
    Lisa x

  5. Lovely set of photos... they just radiate "Spring Walk". What a lovely image of the "mice in the cones". Isn't it great that someone had the imagination to see that?