Monday, 14 February 2011

Hearts and celebrations .......

Happy Valentine's Day! Lots of celebrations here - a celebration of hearts and flowers for Valentine's Day and suprises and jollity for Rosie's 19th birthday.

Birthday fairies and Valentine fairies .........

Lots of cerise pink and hot, vivid red ..........

And treats galore ..........

I hope your day is full of happiness, joy and suprises ..........


  1. Many happy birthday wishes to your daughter.
    Did you make the birthday fairy, she's lovely.
    Lisa x

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter,enjoy celebrating tonight..and Happy Valentines too!

  3. A very happy birthday to your daughter and a Happy Valentines day as well!

  4. Happy, happy birthday and many wishes to your daughter - the middlest Boo was due on Valentine's day, but she came ten days early!

    take care,

    Nina xxx