Thursday, 24 February 2011

The green, green, hues of home ..........

Whilst out Joe Cocker walking the other day I was blinded by all the vivid greens of nature which were glowing on a dull, damp, grey February morning. Green is a favourite colour of mine, and indeed Mabel. We coo and aahh over anything we come across which pings out vivid lime green. So I was very happy tripping through the greens of the New Forest.

And then at home I find I am surrounded with this wonderful colour. Even the ironing basket looks appealing with the perfect towel on top.

Our nails will look a picture.

And how could we possibly light this candle ..............


  1. Hi Victoria - I was wanting to send you n e-mail but couldn't find an e-mail address. Please could you drop me a line:-

    denise by designs at googlemail dot com I have a plan! Hope you can help.

  2. I love the colour green too and have enjoyed seeing your green offerings. Not sure about the nail polish though. :)
    Last week on an early morning walk I noticed all the different green leaves on the trees. Awesome.
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx