Tuesday, 16 November 2010

An Autumn morn .....

A crisp, misty early morning walk for Joe - high above Salisbury ...... the new scenery is making him very regal against the impressive backdrop. Lot of new smells and burrows to explore.

No-one around for miles.

Lovely views.

Crunchy leaves to skip about in.

We must come here again .....


  1. Is that up at Pepperbox Hill?
    Very wintery, hope you were nicely wrapped up.
    Lisa x

  2. Hello Victoria, Thank you for stopping by my blog and here I am visiting you! :-) You have amazing images, I just love the countryside in your beautiful country so I'm enjoying those photos of your walks with Joe Cocker.
    Your knitting is just gorgeous. I do knit, not very well and I'm not very patient so crochet is probably what I enjoy more.
    So you are coming to Australia at Christmas? Where will you be visiting? You can email me if you want to share. :-)
    Have a great day,

  3. Gosh those pictures are so refreshing.

    Nina xxx

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  5. Hello Victoria,
    Such lovely photographs.
    Your little cocker spaniel is adorable. We had a cocker too called 'Chance' and I still miss his lust for life. It was infectious!
    Susan x