Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What a beauty.

Sam was very keen to have her photo shoot published.

She has now gone to live in New Zealand - a house opening up onto the beach - lucky girl.

I knitted her as a parting gift for friends emigrating.

The Mills, together with their two dogs, Georgie and Lola, and cat, Archie, have left the moors of the Forest for the shores of New Zealand. Joe Cocker and I will miss our early morning dog walks.

Looking forward to visiting them all one day.


  1. She is lovely and a great gift to your friends who are embarking on a new adventure! Good time to go as well - spring time. Aren't they lucky!

  2. What a lovely doll, I'm fascinated by her eyes, they are so beautiful, how have you done them Vic?

    Adey x

  3. The eyes were very exciting to make - felt painted with acrylic paints and the glossed. Great fun.

  4. Belated happy birthday to you! Love the little doll you made for your friends..I am very jealous of her loooong legs! :o)

  5. I thought they may have been painted, but I work out how you'd done them - they are so effective.